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Caricature drawing by of Your Sasstastic Life Hosts Tricia and Wendi

Are you ready to talk about the hard sh*t?

Join us for a new podcast focused on the things everyone is thinking but never says!

Enter the Sasstastic Zone:

Your Guide to All Things Hilarious,

Difficult, and Relatable!


Tune in to Your Sasstastic Life now and get ready to laugh, learn, and live your best life with us!
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Sasstastic Studio

Are you ready to talk about the hard sh*t or the sh*t that no one talks about?


Join your hosts Tricia Rivas and Wendi Fredregill for Your Sasstastic Life,
a podcast focused on the things people are thinking but
no one wants to talk about.
Your Sasstastic Life is committed to uplifting people and providing
a safe space for them to let it all out.
Get the confidence boost, inspiration and sarcasm you need to live your best life. We promise to keep it real, keep it funny and keep it 100% sass-tastic. So, grab your favorite beverage, kick back and get ready to laugh your way through life with us.

It's time to embrace your inner sass and join the fun.

Meet the Dynamic Duo

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Your Sasstastic Life Host Wendi Fredregill
Wendi Fredregill


If you were to wind up in jail, Wendi Fredregill is the friend who would pick you up while also talking through why you landed there and encouraging you to make better decisions in the future.  


As the CEO and co-founder of Sasstastic Life, LLC, and the Business Manager at Apexx Creative, Wendi uses her people skills, joy-filled enthusiasm and creative talent to manage the chaos behind the scenes. 


She wants to see more confident women in the world who fully love and accept themselves so they can embrace their superpowers and shine their light everywhere they go.


Wendi’s superpowers are her intuition, sarcasm and the ability to warmly connect with people. She brings joy and humor everywhere she goes … seriously, ask anyone!


Wendi struggles with a fear of being “too” — too much, too loud, too energetic, too controlling. She also worries about things that have not even happened yet.


To overcome those challenges, Wendi seeks out music, prayer, therapy, life coaching, dancing, nurturing her tight inner circle of friends and having great sex with Mr. Producer (a.k.a Jason Fredregill).


What she wants people to remember her by are her bouncy blonde curls, authenticity and strong faith. 

Tricia Rivas


Tricia is the friend who would land you in jail. A hairstylist, owner of Trixie’s Salon & Spa and founder of the Dream Catchers Foundation Inc., and Customer Relations Coordinator at America’s SBDC Iowa, Tricia has a fierce passion for counseling small businesses, nonprofits and connecting people in communities for the better good. 


She wants to see more humans embracing their true selves in the world, so they can shine their light so bright that it causes a ripple effect for future generations. 


Her superpower is the ability to change the energy in a room. She can feel it if someone needs something she can provide. A superpower, indeed. 


Tricia struggles with feeling like she always has to do more. 


To manage that struggle, Tricia focuses only on the things that set her heart and soul on fire. If it doesn’t bring her complete joy, she reevaluates. 


Tricia hopes people remember her by her sense of humor, kindness, strong use of four-letter words, faith in Jesus, and fierce love for her family, friends and community.

Your Sasstastic Life_ Podcast _ Women Encouraging Women_Motivation_Inspiration_Element BG.
Your Sasstastic Life Host Tricia Rivas

Meet Mr. Producer

Your Sasstastic Life_ Podcast _ Women Encouraging Women_Motivation_Inspiration_Element BG
Your Sasstastic Life Producer Jason Fredregill
Jason Fredregill


a.k.a. ‘Mr. Producer’ is here to control the chaos. He started in radio at age 14 and has been involved with media ever since. In addition to his work with Your Sasstastic Life, he is the CEO & Owner of Apexx Creative and voice-over artist at ApexxVO


Jason’s superpower is being the calm in the storm, both professionally and in his household. And, his chess-brain is always cruising 15 steps ahead.


He struggles with truly being able to shut off his mind and relax but combats that with Collective Soul, root beer, fish tacos and great sex.


What Jason wants people to remember about him is that he’s genuine, funny, absolutely refuses to kiss your ass, loves his wife and is sexy as hell.

Hear from our Raving Listeners

Kathyrn Towner, President & Owner of WinCommunications

Business owners who feel a little stuck or are needing a little lift, this podcast is for you. Women in leadership who've hit a bump in that road to the top, this one is for you. Entrepreneurs lost in the spin cycle of competitive advantage, trying to stay ahead and also stay sane, these sweet and grounded voices of reason are definitely for you. Take 'Your Sasstastic Life' with you on your next power walk. Travel to work with speakers tuned to the insightful conversation of Tricia and Wendi. You'll soon realize what a difference they've made in your day!

Amy D.

Wendi and Tricia have such an inspiring and inviting way of sharing their soul journeys that left me feeling empowered and more accepting of myself. You won't want to miss the richness, rawness, and realness these ladies bring! POWERFUL!!!

Karla R.

Wendi and Tricia have built something raw, authentic and genuine. They catapult the topics we all struggle with but nobody ever talks about. Real talk by real women. I’m all in!

Jill A

I feel seen!  …and I swear I get a better ab workout from watching Sasstastic than from the gym! Wendi and Tricia get into the deep stuff…like the ‘only say to your therapist’ stuff…and then give your heart the biggest slap on the ass with one-liners that will make you snort laugh. More please!

Behind the Scenes


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