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Calling all grown a$$ women ready to take charge of their life and transform dreams into reality with…

Muumuus + Manifesting Life Map Party

Intimate, in-person workshop for bad@ss women to dream big, live boldly, and age fearlessly. With Tricia Rivas + Wendi Fredregill

Workshop is SOLD OUT!
Stay Tuned for more events!
Muumuus + Manifesting Life Map Party
Muumuus + Manifesting Life Map Party

Time & Location

Apr 17, 2024, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Apexx Creative- Behind Batteries + Bulbs, 3060 99th St, Urbandale, IA 50322, USA

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Or would you keep… 


❌ feeling “stuck” and getting in your own way


❌ being in a funk in your life, not knowing who you even are anymore


❌ struggling to find your footing as your kids grow up and move out of the house


❌ worrying the best years of your life are over while you sit out to pasture  


❌ believing that dreaming is only for the “young whippersnappers” 

True story: one woman who attended a workshop mentioned she had been working on a goal for MONTHS. After the workshop, she met her goal TWO DAYS LATER. 


If you could create a plan of action to transform your life to turn your goals into reality in just a few hours…would you give yourself that opportunity? 

We’ve got news for you: Dreaming isn't bound by age—it's a timeless pursuit that knows no limits.


You’re invited to a small, intimate gathering of bad@ss women as we navigate the complexities of life and let your dreams guide you toward fulfillment, purpose, and joy. 


We’re gonna manifest the sh*t out of our dreams in our comfiest muumuus!

“This event streamlined my thoughts into completable and attainable chunks. The small group setting was inviting and safe to be oneself and speak freely."


Remember when we were younger… like much younger — before bills, marriages, and careers took over every waking moment …


We’d have sleepover parties with our girlfriends, staying up all hours of the night giggling, gossiping, and planning out every detail of our future in the most scientific way possible… with cootie catchers or a fool-proof round of M.A.S.H.


The Muumuus + Manifesting Life Map Party is like a sleepover for grown @ss women who are ready to take charge of their lives and not just dream about it.


Only at the end of the night, we’ll all go home to sleep with our perfectly curated pillows and cooling sheets so our bodies don’t hate us (even more) in the morning.


We’re not too old to dream, but we’re definitely too old to sleep on hard floors. 😂


Get ready to rock your sass with the fabulous Sasstastic MuuMuu

Available exclusively at the Life Map Party for $40!

The Dynamic Duo

Hi, we’re Tricia + Wendi — the dynamic duo behind Your Sasstastic Life. 


If you landed in jail, Wendi is the friend you would call to get you out and offer encouragement along the way. Tricia would be the friend sitting next to you in the cell. 


We’re both wives, moms, kick-@ss friends, and business owners. 


Here’s what we know to be true: 


💥Balance is bullsh*t 

💥You are more than your career! 

💥Words are powerful

💥The big picture matters

💥You are just getting started, baby!

  • We have had so many women tell us they get in their own way and are here to help release this self-sabotaging behavior.

  • We are certified trainers with Qnity, the company that created the QLife Map.

  • We know that creating a vision for your life with images of inspiration, writing them down, and deciding how you want to FEEL in these areas gets you INTO ACTION!

  • We believe being in community with women makes us all stronger and more confident. This benefits us, our families, our communities — the whole world is better for it, really. 

Not to mention, there is just something unique about speaking your goals and dreams out loud to other people.

Four reasons to keep your dreams alive:


Fuel for Growth:
Dreams are the seeds of growth and transformation. They ignite your imagination, inspire you to set new goals and push you to expand your horizons. Whether pursuing a new career, traveling to exotic destinations, or learning a new skill, your dreams keep you motivated and engaged in life's journey.


Resilience in Adversity:
Life is unpredictable, and challenges are inevitable. But when you have dreams, you have a powerful source of resilience. They provide you with a sense of purpose and direction, helping you weather the storms and emerge stronger on the other side. Regardless of your obstacles, your dreams remind you that brighter days are ahead.


Embracing Self-Discovery:
Your dreams are a reflection of your deepest desires and aspirations. They encourage you to explore who you are, what you value, and what brings you joy. As you embrace your dreams, you embark on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering hidden talents, passions, and possibilities that enrich your life in unexpected ways.


Inspiration for Others:
As a woman over forty, you are a role model for future generations. By pursuing your dreams with courage and conviction, you inspire others to do the same. Your resilience, wisdom, and authenticity are a beacon of hope, encouraging women of all ages to embrace their dreams and pursue them fearlessly.

We believe every woman deserves the opportunity to dream, regardless of age. 


Together, let's embrace the journey, embrace the possibilities, and never stop dreaming.

Unlock the limitless potential that lies within you at our upcoming 


Muu Muus + Manifesting

Life Map Party

Here’s what you can look forward to: 


A Qnity QLife Map™ 

To help you get crystal clear on your goals in five critical areas:
Financial — Physical — Professional —Relationships — Spiritual. You’ll have a tangible reminder to hang up on your wall, to look at every day as you make your dreams a reality.

Intimate group setting

So you can boldly claim your goals in a safe space with other women to cheer you on. There’s just something special about speaking your dreams out loud to other people. 

All the supplies you need

Because we know it’s not a real Life Map party without colored pens and sticky notes.

Hot tea, cocoa and light snacks 

To keep you warm from the inside out

and provide sweet, sweet comfort. 

Tricia + Wendi

To guide you through the process and provide customized coaching to help you reach your goals for REAL


Are you peeing your pants excited for this?!
(we are!!) 

You might be asking yourself… how is life map planning different from other goal setting I’ve tried in the past? 


If you’ve done something similar in the past but still didn’t meet your goals… Please know that it wasn’t your fault. You’re not deficient in some way. But just because you didn’t before — doesn’t mean you can’t now.

We love to have fun and be comfy — but we don’t mess around with your goals. That’s why we’re there with you and will continue to offer accountability and support after the workshop. 

We’re not focusing on one goal here, we look at five core aspects of your life: 

Financial — Physical — Professional —Relational — Spiritual


Your age does not define the scope of your dreams or the depth of your aspirations.


Make no mistake: You’re not done yet!


AND you are a f^c%*ng bad@ss. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren't. 


The enemy wants you to lose. He doesn’t want you to win. 


But we do. 


There’s power and strength in numbers. Especially when we’re all cheering each other on and making shit happen together. 


That’s why we’re so excited to bring together a small group of people to picture the BEST version of ourselves and how we want to FEEL in five core areas of our lives:

Financial — Physical — Professional —Relationships — Spiritual


If that overwhelms you — all the more reason for you to be there — with two experts and eight other supportive women to walk through your goals step-by-step. 

  • Do I have to wear a muumuu?
    You don’t have to – but we do encourage you to wear something you’re comfy in. No need for biz casual… sweats, jammies, slippers, muumuus. Whatever is most comfortable for you…
  • Can I get a Sasstastic muumuu?
    OF COURSE YOU CAN! At the event, you’ll have a chance to purchase our Sasstastic muumuu!
  • I can’t make it to the June 19th event.. Will there be another workshop?
    We intend to do this again! We’ll let you know when the next one will be.
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